The Walking Dead, S1, Ep6 – “TS-19”

Way back yonder, I compared the pilot for this series to a Frankenstein monster, and that analogy has held true for the entire first season. Each individual scene usually varies in consistency, tone, and strength from the one preceding it and the one to follow (Walking Dead Shuffle, indeed). Sometimes it works, but all too often even those successes have felt more fortuitous than intentional. Episode Five was the first time an episode didn’t feel like it was 44 minutes of scenes shot by three different directors from three different scripts.  On the plus side, the final episode of season one felt like it had a singular creative vision, both in the writing and the direction. Unfortunately, it was a vision by way of Mr. MaGoo. There wasn’t a single memorable shot or sequence in the whole damn thing. The lighting was flat, and the staging was so perfunctory it felt like any directions the actors got came straight out of an IKEA box. And the writing? I was able to overlook the hoary zombie film clichés last week because they were deftly executed, but last night’s episode felt like one of those bad parties where you arrive only to discover the only folks there are the insufferable bores you try to avoid running into at other parties.

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