(movie) OPERA is the perfect rebuttal to those who claim SUSPIRIA only works because of its style. This film captures Argento at his most inventive and assertive, both in terms of camera work and iconography. Nevertheless, the film is an utter mess. Even overlooking the stiff acting and ridiculous plot, the film is nigh unwatchable. Tedious when it should be suspenseful, and languid when it should be thrilling. Argento takes his terrorism of the eye to absurd lengths here, turning the motif into a visual sledgehammer. Even the set pieces are botched by a complete lack of energy, Argento often pacing them more like a poor man’s Fulci than with the vigor we would expect from the guy who gave us PROFONDO ROSSO. Of the ending, it is easily the director’s meekest from this era, although I thought the final shots and their accompanying voice-over were deliciously off-the-wall.